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Page in process of creation and if your find any gluck, please mail me. If your have any crackmes which here no, please send their for me. If your have any solution for any crackme, please send it too. And forgive me for many mistakes in my english.

This simple page was created specially for support RU.HACKER.DUMMY!!!

Here your can find:

  • Several crackmes of any skill.
  • Solution for some from them.
  • Anti-Debuging FAQ and tricks.
  • Soft-Ice(WinIce) FAQ.

  • Crackme's

    .ACT-1Dr. Animaed [UCF]1998???1K
    .Alien CPUmorF1998???1K
    .AntiSmeX 1.0Shaman [UCL]1998Yes3K
    .AntiSmeX 2.0Shaman [UCL]1998Yes2K
    .B!Z0N CrackmeB!Z0N1998Yes1K
    New Crackme 0x0KPNC1999???1K
    .Crackme 0.1Ozzman [iHC]1998Yes1K
    .Crackme 1.0Ozzman [iHC]-[XG]1999Yes10K
    .Crackme 2.0Ozzman [iHC]-[XG]1999???10K
    .Crack 39???1998???1K
    .Crackme 2Nomad [iHC]1999Yes1K
    .Crackme 0.14ZeroCoder [XG]1998???1K
    .Craq 1ajaks1998???8K
    .CRKME 1.01MERLiN [DTG]1998???4K
    .CrueMe 1.0cruehead [MiB]1998???27K
    .CrackmeLeon L&M WorkGroup1998Yes2K
    New Crackme v10.0BuLLeT [CIA]1999???177K
    .Crackme 1.0Cruehead1998Yes5K
    .Crackme 2.0Cruehead1998Yes4K
    .Crackme 1.0Smoke1998Yes1K
    .Crackme 1.0KPNC1999???1K
    .Crackme 1.0kOUGER [Rebels]1998???1K
    .Crackme 2Morgoth1999???1K
    .Crackme 5.0ZeroCoder [XG]1999???3K
    .Crack MeSir Galleyrod1998???7K
    .CrackmeSir Galleyrod1998???14K
    .Crack Me 2Sir Galleyrod1998???7K
    .CrkMe 0.02Spider1998Yes8K
    .CrkMe 0.03Spider1998???1K
    .Crackme 0.75BuLLeT [TOL]1998???10K
    .Crackme 1.75BuLLeT [TOL]1998???63K
    .Crackme 1.0Mihail Orehov1998Yes3K
    .Crackme 2.0Mihail Orehov1998Yes1K
    .Crackme 3.0Mihail Orehov1999Yes1K
    .Crackme 4.0Mihail Orehov1999Yes2K
    .Crackme 1.0Nomad [iHC]1999Yes1K
    New Crackme 0.0Sergey Radkevitch1999Yes2K
    New Crackme 2Unknown1999???1K
    .DAC-2Dr.Animaed [UCF]1998???1K
    New DaCrkMe 0.0DarkGrey1998???4K
    .DaCrkMe 0.2DarkGrey1998Yes1K
    .NAND CPUHard Wisdom1998Yes7K
    .Hackme 1.0Iosco1998???17K
    New Hack MeDr.No Ahc [AHC]1996???14K
    New Hard ProtectAlexey Solodovnikov1998Yes210K
    New Goalz Trial Crackme 2.0Pioneer1999???26K
    .JMP! CrackmeP.S.A.1998Yes6K
    New KPNC Trial CrackmeKPNC1999Yes1K
    .Leon Crackme 3.0Leon L&M WorkGroup1999???1K
    .Lesson 1.0KPNC1999Yes1K
    .Leon CPULeon L&M WorkGroup1998Yes1K
    New Nasty-Keychecker - 3AkKort [SOS group]1998Yes1K
    .Nasty-Keychecker - 6AkKort [SOS group]1999???1K
    New Phrozen Crew Crackme 1.0THE_Q [PC]1998Yes104K
    .Phrozen Crew Crackme 2.0THE_Q [PC]1998Yes6K
    .Phrozen Crew Crackme 3.0THE_Q [PC]1998Yes45K
    .Phrozen Crew Trial CrackmeThe+Q & Plushmm [PC]1998???11K
    New Perl CrackmeUnknown1999???1K
    .Runme 1KAIRN1997???1K
    .Runme 2KAIRN1998???3K
    .Rebels Trial-Cracker Test 1.0kOUGER1997Yes1K
    .Rebels Trial-Cracker Test 1.0kOUGER1997Yes1K
    .Smart 1ajax1998Yes2K
    .Smart 2ajax1998Yes1K
    .Smart 3ajax1998Yes2K
    .Smart 4ajax1998Yes1K
    .Smart 5ajax1998Yes1K
    .Smart 6ajax1998Yes4K
    .Solar CPUSolar Designer1996Yes4K
    .Stone Crackme 1Stone1997Yes1K
    .Stone Crackme 2Stone1998Yes1K
    .Simple Crackme(very simple:)unknown1998Yes1K
    .TRY-ME 1.0Lord Caligo1998???1K
    .TRY-ME 2.0Lord Caligo1998???1K
    .TRY-ME 3.0Lord Caligo1997???8K
    .Trial Member Test Program 1.01Iosco1997???21K
    .UCF Crackme 2j0b [UCF]1997???2K
    .VCrack ME #2bVAG [VSL]1999???5K
    .VCrack Me #3VAG [VSL]1999???5K

    Total - 89
    New - 12


    Status: Crackme:Solution by:
    .Antismex 1.0Ozzman
    .Antismex 2.0hijaq
    .c4a Crackme 1Prophecy
    .c4a Crackme 2Prophecy
    .Cruehead 2.0The_Q
    .Cruehead 3.0IceTeaMan
    .Cruehead 1.0Ozzman
    .DaCrkMe 0.0AkKort
    .some key & serElicz
    .HotDog's Crackme 1Prophecy
    .Leon CrackmeShaman
    .MexElite's Crackme 1.0MisterE
    .MexElite's Crackme 4.0MisterE
    .Crackme(Mihail) 1.0Mihail Orehov
    .Crackme(Mihail) 3.0Mihail Orehov
    .Crackme(Mihail) 4.0VAG
    .Nasty Keycheker 3Ciao
    .Crackme(Nomad) 1.0Ozzman
    .Crackme(Ozzman) 1.0Nomad
    .Crackme(Ozzman) 3.0VAG
    .PC Crackme 3Suby
    .PC Crackme 2Ozzman
    .PC Trial CrackmeAkKort
    .Crackme(The_Q) 2.0Wyatt
    .RTQ's CrackmeProphecy
    .RCG's Example 4Zer0+
    .Sti 1Spider
    .Test 2 by Lord ByteCrook
    .Test 3 by Lord ByteArash
    .Test 4 by Lord ByteCrook
    New Crackme 0.1(Ozzman)Stranger
    New Hard ProtectShaman

    Total - 44
    New - 2

    Anti-Debuging FAQ & Tricks

    Insider FAQ by Christoph Gabler Edition #6 UNComplete (16K)
    Anti Soft-Ice tricks by OWL (12K)
    Anti-Debuging FAQ by Rose (49K)

    Soft-Ice(WinIce) FAQ

    Soft-Ice FAQ by Andy Malyshev (2.5K) RUS
    Soft-Ice FAQ by hijaq (4K) RUS

    Last update 30/03/99

    ╘ 1999 Ozzman [iHC]-[XG]

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